In partnership with

The Alliance of European Business Games

It aims to identify, recognize and promote tomorrow’s talents

in the business world.

International visibility

The strong branded network and marketing platform enhance the reputation and branding of each business game throughout Europe. The network’s name act as an international label of quality to further differentiate the network’s business games from myriad of business competitions emerging throughout Europe.

knowledge sharing

International meetings, trainings and workshops will be organized and a common knowledge hub will be set-up in order to exchange information, experience and best practices amongst the different business games of the network to foster creativity and quality improvement.

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The AEBG Summit

A weekend of networking, workshops and conferences

for team members of each business game

One event on three days

The AEBG will for the first time organise one unique event that will give the opportunity to team members of each business game of the Alliance to gather together for a weekend, it is an opportunity to build a strong international network. The Summit will be turned into a three days’ event where best practices, knowledge and ideas on how to organise high-standing event will be shared.

Day one
Welcoming of participants
Ice breaking activity
Networking drink

Day two
Opening speeches
Workshops and coaching sessions
Networking dinner

Day three
Team building activities in Brussels
City sightseeing
Networking event
Closing session
4th, 5th & 6th of October