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This year, we will be in collaboration with three international sponsors. Their contribution is greatly appreciated and makes it possible for us to organize for the first time the AEBG Summit !
Learn more about each one of them on this page and the career opportunities they offer.


Our Godfather

Anheuser-Busch InBev is the World’s largest brewer with global headquarters in Belgium. Our brewing heritage dates back more than 600 years, spanning together continents and generations. From the Den Horn brewery in Leuven (Belgium), to the iconic Anheuser-Busch in St. Louis (US), from Castle in Johannesburg (South Africa), to Bohemia in Metropolis (Brazil) our geographical footprint connects people and brings them together for a better world.

Our dream is to Bring People Together For a Better World. Beer, the oldest social network, has been bringing people together for thousands of years. We are committed to building great brands that stand the test of time, and to brewing the best beers using the finest natural ingredients.

At AB InBev, we believe that No.1 isn’t a position, it’s a mindset. We’re a company of owners, an organisation that believes in achieving excellence every day, in every way. We’re driven by the people around us, and we’re motivated by the inspiring minds we work with.

Some quick numbers:

  • AB InBev has over 500 beer brands
  • Our beer is sold in more than 150 countries
  • We have around 200 000 colleagues in over 50 countries



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General Management Graduate Programme


The job

We believe that for our business to be the best – and to grow sustainably – we need to develop the people who will lead that growth. We need the managers of tomorrow. Working on real projects from the outset, our global management trainee program is the first step on a global career. From your induction in St Louis (USA) to your end-of- program presentation, you’ll be treated as one of our future leaders. You’ll learn about running one of the world’s most successful businesses, and you’ll learn about where you will fit in best.

Primarily though, you will be learning about management – about how to be a leader in company that is intent on being and remaining a world-class organisation. And that includes learning from feedback – and understanding that we are a team, where individuals are never afraid to learn, to make mistakes, and to develop – as part of becoming great leaders.





You should graduate (i.e. complete your studies before the programme start date) with a Bachelor, Masters (or equivalent) degree from any of the following disciplines:
 Business
 Economics
 Marketing Sales
 Finance
 Science
 Engineering
 Law
 IT
You also need to be fluent in the native language of the country you wish to work in, and English, to be eligible for this programme.




Market Visionaries Graduate Programme


The job

Our dream is to Bring People Together For a Better World. It’s an ambition that fuels us to take brands into new markets, attract fresh customers, and break boundaries.

On our Market Visionaries Programme (MVP), you’ll have the opportunity to push our brands further by taking them to bigger and better markets, and introducing them to different audiences. Pride yourself on your sales pitch? You’re in the right place. Love being out in the field and meeting new customers? That’s what you get paid for. Think we could create better brand experiences? We’d love to hear your ideas. It’s an incredible opportunity to learn the business, take ownership, and deliver results fast.





You’ll need to be fluent in English as well as the native language of the country you wish to work in too, in order to be eligible for this program. Additionally you should hold a full driving license.



Supply Management Graduate Programme


The job

Covering the brewing, packaging and delivery of our goods – it's where we combine growth, service and cost to give us a competitive advantage.

It’s also an area where we make a big difference to our impact on the environment – reducing water use, waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Supply allows us to make positive changes to the way we brew and produce beer, source the ingredients, and deliver effectively and efficiently.

Supply is a choice that will build your leadership, project and general management skills. Specifically you will learn the technical and practical challenges of our business – with the opportunities to improve on what we already do well and to introduce new ways to be the best.

You will have hands on experience – making the beers we are famous for. And it is a career that will take you around Europe and potentially the world.





You should graduate with a Bachelor, Masters (or equivalent) degree from any of the following disciplines:
 Engineering (ideally Chemical, Mechanical, Production or Electrical)
 Science (Bio-chemistry, micro-biology, brewing/food science or pharmacy).
You also need to be fluent in the native language of the country you wish to work in, and English, to be eligible for this program.



Fast Track Apprenticeship


The job

If you have recently graduated and are looking to accelerate your career at a leading international business, you’ve come to the right place. The world of beer never stands still – and neither do we. That’s why we created our Fast Track Apprenticeship (FTA) – purpose-built to turn talented graduates into future leaders.

At the core of the FTA are two 6-month rotations, giving you hands-on experience in the operational side of our business. After a short induction to the world of AB InBev, you’ll get straight into your first placement.

On one of the 6-month rotations you’ll join our Logistics team, either working on ensuring that our beer reaches our customers in Europe on time and in full, or you’ll be managing export and import across the world. On the other rotation you’ll be working in Finance, either playing a crucial role in liaising with customers to manage payments; or working within our Procure-To- Pay (PTP) team where you will get a unique insight into how we work with our suppliers. In addition to your day-to- day role in the business, we’ll also give you the opportunity to shine by taking on specific projects and presenting your solutions to senior leadership.

With the choice of being based in either the vibrant city of Prague (Czech Republic) or Kharkiv (Ukraine),
you’ll learn fast, work hard, have fun and in just 12 months you could be leading a team of your own.





You have a university degree and no more than two years of work experience after graduating. More important than the subject you studied is your international mind-set, and the language skills to go with it.

If you are joining the program in Prague, to be eligible, an upper-intermediate level of English is essential along with a basic level of either Dutch, French or German.

For Kharkiv, next to an upper-intermediate level of English, you also need to be fluent in Russian. For both locations mobility across Europe is required.



Internship (UK, Netherlands, Belgium only)

8weeks – 1year

The job

It’s a full time internship, with a chance for you to discover what it’s like to work in a top 5 FMCG company. You’ll be placed in the business to work on a real project over the course of 8 weeks minimum, and maximum of 1 year.

You’ll work in either – Marketing, Sales, Supply or Support, with defined objectives. Every week you get to meet up with your Project Sponsor (your line manager), every two weeks with your Interns Coordinator, and every month you’ll present to both.

Throughout internship, you will meet and work with senior managers – giving you insight and exposureto some of our key leaders. At the end of the program you’ll also present on the project you worked on – the challenge, action plan, results and benefits, and your own development. You will make this presentation to your Project Sponsor, your Intern Coordination, and a member of the ABI Management Committee.

At all times we’ll encourage you to take ownership of your internship, so success is very much down to you.





You can be in any year of study, studying for a Bachelor, Masters (or equivalent) degree. Ideally you’ll be studying for a degree in one of the following disciplines:
 Business
 Marketing
 Economics
 Sales
 Engineering
 Science
 Finance
 Law
 IT
You’ll fit in best if you speak good English, are comfortable with data, you like to lead, and you’re motivated to achieve your dreams.



Interested in any of those programs?

Apply here: http://www.bestbeerjob.com/




 Gold Partner

We are a global financial institution with a strong European foundation focused on providing banking services to the young and old, the rich and poor, individuals, freelancers, SMEs, large corporations, institutions and corporate clients. Our purpose is to empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business.

We believe that sustainable progress is driven by people with the imagination and determination to make a better future for themselves and those around them. We enable people and organisations to realise their own ideas for a better future – no matter how modest or grand.

In Belgium alone, ING handles the finances of millions of consumers and hundreds of thousands of businesses. We work hard every day with one aim in mind: to provide our customers the best possible products and services – quickly, professionally and smoothly.

That’s no mean feat and a considerable degree of organisation is required. To give you an idea of the size of ING:

  • ING serves 33 million customers spread across 40 countries
  • We employ more than 53,000 people
  • We have 2.5 million customers (consumers and businesses) in Belgium alone

So that we can continue to help our customers turn their dreams into reality, we need forward-thinking employees who can improve their own future and that of those around them. Employees who show plenty of imagination and determination, and who never stop working on their own development. Employees who fulfil their own potential and in doing so contribute to a better future for themselves, our customers and society as a whole.


Interested in a career or internship at ING?

Apply here: http://www.ing.be/traineeships



Gold Partner

At Ford, we go further to make our cars better, our employees happier and our planet a better place to be. Great vehicles are great for drivers everywhere, and that’s the foundation of our business’s strength. To meet demand, Ford is in the midst of its most ambitious manufacturing expansion in 50 years. We’re increasing capacity in the United States and adding plants around the world.

Our work doesn’t stop with our products and our bottom line. An integral part of the Ford team’s DNA is ‘people serving people’. That’s why our global brand promise is called Go Further – we go further so you can.

We don’t just build cars at Ford. Our global community is a fundamental part of who we are, so we’re working to support hunger relief, encourage safe driving habits, introduce education innovations and much more.

We’re helping to solve global challenges linked to economic development, energy security and environmental sustainability. In 2013, for example, Ford globally reduced the amount of water it used to produce each vehicle by 30 percent compared to a 2009 baseline, reaching its goal two years ahead of schedule.


Interested in a career or internship at Ford?

Apply here: http://corporate.ford.com/careers.html