Initiated by the Solvay Business Game,
the AEBG is the Alliance of European Business Games.

It aims to identify, recognize and promote tomorrow’s talents in the business world.


The strong branded network and marketing platform enhance the reputation and branding of each business game throughout Europe. The network’s name act as an international label of quality to further differentiate the network’s business games from myriad of business competitions emerging throughout Europe.



International meetings, trainings and workshops will be organized and a common knowledge hub will be set-up in order to exchange information, experience and best practices amongst the different business games of the network to foster creativity and quality improvement.

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Amond Kabisov

"When I think of my experience during Business Game St. Gallen, one word comes to mind – excellence. Every single part of this experience was superb. From trivial matters like catering, to the challenging cases from world’s top companies. Yet, the most important part was an ...

Kira Zemp

“The Business Game presents an exciting opportunity to learn about successful companies, meet smart people and develop new ideas. What I like most about them, is that solving cases with - as well as competing with - various people from different Universities and Business Schools creates ...

Marius Declerck

Working on laying the groundwork for the AEBG was a challenging endeavour. However, it was also very rewarding and I am honoured to have contributed to this project. I have no doubt that over the coming years, the AEBG will come to play a key role ...

Matteo Felicioni
Matteo Felicioni Business Game St.Gallen 2014
I would recommend the Business Game to others because it's an incredible opportunity to learn, to meet other people, especially talent. And also, to meet amazing companies that are super happy to welcome you on board. That's happen to me with Swarovski.
Kevin Bieber
Kevin BieberBusiness Game St.Gallen 2014
What I like most about the Business Game is going with the opportunity to compete with other students. Get to know other companies and see what kind of challenges they face nowadays and how we can help them to improve their own situation or at least try to.